Community Health Workers

Arizona Community Health Worker Workforce Coalition

The Arizona Community Health Worker Workforce Coalition is a network of organizations collaborating with the Arizona Community Health Worker Outreach Network (AzCHOW) to support the sustainability of the Arizona CHW workforce. The Coalition is comprised of CHWs, including Promotores de Salud, Community Health Representatives, Community Health Advisors and other related titles, and the University of Arizona, State and Local Health Departments, Community Health Centers, and Area Health Education Centers.

CHW Resources

Check out our infographic on Community Health Workers in Arizona! Download the PDF

Community Health Worker Infographic


Additional Resources

Access our 2014 National Community Health Worker Advocacy Survey Reports.

The AzPRC has numerous collaborative publications on the CHW workforce.

National Conference on State Legislators Report: Incorporating Community Health Workers into State Health Care Systems: Options for Policymakers Download the Report

Department of Health & Human Services, Office of the Assistance Secretary for Planning and Evaluation: Community Health Workers: Roles and Opportunities in Health Care Delivery System Reform.  Download the Brief


In light of today’s changing health care world we believe now is our opportunity to identify the road map to support this vital workforce in Arizona. For more information on the Coalition please contact Monica Munoz