Diabetes and the Family is a diabetes prevention program designed for patients with diabetes and their families. The primary objectives of the program are to:

  1. Provide family members with basic information about diabetes.
  2. Teach health behaviors that might reduce all family members’ risk of diabetes or secondary complications.
  3. Suggest ways that families might unite to support healthy behaviors and the special needs of a family member with diabetes.
  4. Have fun learning and experiencing!

An important theme of this program is family unity. When a family member has diabetes, the diagnosis impacts both the patient and the other family members. The patient may be depressed, overwhelmed, and frightened. Family members may feel helpless in not being able to “rescue” or “help” their spouse, parent, child, or sibling. Family members may also become depressed about how life will change. Or, they may suppress their helplessness and ignore the problem, become angry and resentful, or become over-protective.

Families can live normal lives if they unite, communicate their feelings, and reach an understanding of how they will support their family member with diabetes. This program has been designed for family members of all ages to enjoy building a healthy lifestyle together, as well as to prevent and manage the disease.

Graphic of three requirements to manage Diabetes; Physical exercise, Nutrition, and Medication