The Arizona Prevention Research Center Participatory Evaluation Institute (PEI) partners with organizations throughout Arizona to support participatory evaluation and research efforts for public health programs. The PEI employs the principles of participatory evaluation and has developed deep partnerships with organizations throughout Arizona and the border region. The PEI projects have a symbiotic but discrete relationship with the core research and activities of the Arizona Prevention Research Center (AzPRC). Many of the PEI projects grew from the relationships and activities of AzPRC Community Advisory Board members and other partners, and the participatory evaluation projects encompass many of the features of Community-Based Participatory Research for which the AzPRC is known. However, the PEI has fostered a unique evaluation methodology and partnerships that justifies a distinct identity, which demonstrates the expertise and approach developed through our previous work. Below is a map that demonstrates the various projects currently working with the AzPRC PEI. To learn more, click here.


AzPRC PEI Methodology


The participatory evaluation institute staff partner with organizations before, during, and after the funding period. During the grant writing process, the PEI staff meet frequently with partners to develop and refine the evaluation plan and provide input on grant activities. When a project is funded, we work closely with our partners using the methodology detailed in the principles of participatory evaluation. Once a grant period ends, we continue to work with our partners to disseminate findings and connect them to additional opportunities. The methodology of the AzPRC PEI is guided by the principles of participatory evaluation. (A condensed version of the principles is displayed on the right, to learn more, contact the PEI team).



Principles of Participatory Evaluation

The PEI provides a valuable service to public health organizations and agencies throughout Arizona. The PEI supports strong and effective public health programs.


Partnering with the AzPRC PEI

The AzPRC has a strong track record of success as the evaluation partners on public health projects funded by local, state, and national organizations and government agencies. We combine our participatory and community-based orientation with the extensive resources available at the University of Arizona, which is designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution by the Office of Minority Health.

If you’re interested in partnering with the AzPRC Participatory Evaluation Institute for your public health projects, email Katy Tucker at to schedule a call and discuss our process and methods.