Integrating and comparing community-based participatory and conjoint analysis is a research study between the AzPRC and Sunset Community Health Center in Yuma, Arizona focused on how best to provide patient-centered care to patients. Sunset’s administration identified behavioral health as the area of greatest need in developing a patient-centered model of care. The project, supported by the Patient-Centered Outcome Research Institute (PCORI), will develop, document, and evaluate three models of care:

  1. The current model for providing behavioral health services.
  2. A second model of care based on a participatory process of collecting input through patient focus groups and provider interviews.
  3. A third model of care developed by conjoint analysis. This innovative marketing tool allows patients to compare and choose options resulting in a preferred model of care.

The three models will be compared and evaluated by a Sunset Stakeholder group to determine the most effective and efficient model. Sunset Community Health Workers are instrumental in involving patients in the project and have a major role in all aspects of the research.