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Binational Network for Healthy Communities in the Sonora-Arizona Border Region


Goal: To develop a network of Academic Institutions and community-based organizations in Arizona and Sonora to collaborate on building healthy communities in the Arizona-Sonora Region.


  • Establish and strengthen partnerships among community-based organizations and academic institutions to meet the needs and strengthen the assets for health and well-being in our border communities.
  • Establish and strengthen binational educational experiences for students in our institutions and programs responding to the needs and assets of our border communities.
  • Establish and strengthen binational research projects through collaborative efforts of our institutions and programs responding to the assets and needs of our border communities.
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Binational members (College of Public Health)

Working Definition of Border Health:
The concept of Border Health specifically considers health issues related to transnational interaction and the movement of people and commodities across international borders. As such, border health necessarily considers border regions as spaces of shared geography, environments, and social determinants such as education, culture, and challenges; as well as the role of governments, health services, and other complex political and regulatory mediums; in order to understand the epidemiology, history, distribution of infectious and chronic disease, and social challenges of the region; as well as promote the shared human and material resources necessary to address them.

Membership and Coordination:
Membership in this network is open to all individuals, programs, and academic institutions that share the goals and objectives of the network. There is no cost to participation in the network. Coordination of the network is provided by the College of Public Health Arizona Prevention Research Center at the University of Arizona and SEAHEC


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