AzCHOW is an organization of, by, and for community health workers. AzCHOW is designed to create unity while preserving cultural diversity among community health workers. The mission of AzCHOW is:

  • To inform and unite culturally diverse community health outreach workers from all disciplines;
  • To strengthen the professional development of the field through resource sharing and collaborative opportunities with community, tribal, government, health, and educational institutions;
  • To create partnerships that build upon organizational capacities and strengths while aiding the underserved and at-risk populations within Arizona; and
  • To address relevant political and policy issues.

The AzCHOW Association is a statewide organization of community-based health workers and advocates who lead by using resource sharing, partnership development, education, outreach, health promotion, and disease prevention strategies to improve the health of Arizona residents. AzCHOW provides an opportunity for all community health workers, regardless of how they are identified within their organizations, to develop a collective voice for addressing policy issues, methods of becoming financially sustainable, and the expansion of their professional standing in Arizona. AzCHOW is an established 501c3 non-profit organization. AzCHOW collaborates and works in partnership with the UA Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health (MEZCOPH) and the Arizona Department of Health Services in strenthening the CHW workforce in our state.  AzCHOW represents all individuals working as community health workers, no matter where they work or what their official title is, we guide our recognition of the CHW workforce based on the core competencies of the CHW profession. AzCHOW’s Training Center was developed to provide training, capacity building, and technical support to CHWs and CHW organizations. All are encourage to become AzCHOW members. The annual CHW membership dues are $25.  For more information or to learn more about the services that AzCHOW provides, please reach out to  Co-Founder and Executive Director,  Floribella Redondo-Martinez