Orientation Packet

What is the AzPRC Community Action Board?

Each PRC is required to obtain guidance from a community board comprised of community organizations, health care providers, health departments, education agencies and the private sector. The AzPRC is committed to maintaining a long term partnership between researchers and community organizations. 

What is the Mission of the AzPRC Community Action Board?

To champion for optimal health and wellbeing in our diverse communities of the US/Mexico border region.

What is the CAB’s role in the AzPRC?

The CAB has an important advisory role. CAB members provide guidance on research, training, and curricula development/dissemination. The CAB also promotes health policy along the U.S.-Mexico Border region.

How does the CAB operate?

CAB members meet quarterly, four times a year, at the University of Arizona. The AzPRC pays travel expenses for members traveling to the meeting.

For more Information about the Community Action Board and Membership Benefits:

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