PEI Success Story

Oct. 18, 2023
thrive ok

The Participatory Evaluation Institute partnered with the City of Tucson Environmental and General Services Department to conduct community assessments in two neighborhoods in Tucson: Thrive in the 05 and La Doce. The assessments were conducted under the City of Tucson’s 2018 Brownfield Assessment Grant. As part of the assessments, the PEI engaged with a variety of organizations, community leaders, and community members to identify priorities for the re-development of Brownfield sites, which include underused or vacant properties that may be contaminated due to historical use. The PEI was told that this may be one of the first successful community assessments for a Brownfield grant project in EPA Region 9! The PEI Assessment team included Katy Ortiz y Pino, Rodrigo Valenzuela-Cordova and MPH student Alfonso Trujillo. The assessments are not yet available on the City of Tucson website, but you can access them through the links below: