Oyendo Bien making strides in fighting hearing repercussions

"Please Look At Me and Talk Slowly" reads the Oyendo Bien (hearing well) promotional button worn by members of the Nogales/Mariposa community.  


Oyendo Bien is a collaborative effort of the Speech, Hearing and Language Department at the University of Arizona , the Arizona Prevention Research Center and Mariposa Community Health Center. This 5 year research project focuses on the development of an innovative community health worker model for eliminating the health disparities of people with hearing loss in the U.S.-Mexico border region.

Recently, the Nogales International published an article about the strides that the project is making in Santa Cruz county helping seniors in that region learn new ways to cope with hearing loss. Oyendo Bien is currently hosting 5 week long courses at the Bowman Senior Residences in Nogales Arizona. To learn more about this story, and upcoming classes for seniors read the full article



Ramses Sepulveda, MPA