Hiring & Training (of CHWs)

CAB research partners hired the community-based CHWs based on their previous work in the field and knowledge about their communities. For the links project 4 CHWs were hired and all 4 were bilingual, Latina women with previous CHW or other medical care experience. The research team and the Arizona Community Health Outreach Workers Association (AzCHOW) trained the CHWs in study protocol as well as quantitative and qualitative data collection methods (Table 1), including data entry using Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) version 8.5.1. Training materials are available at the bottom of this page.

To download a quick tip guide to hiring CHWS see the AzPRC infographics  by clicking here.



All LINKS CHWs participate in CHW core competency training with our community partner, the Arizona CHW Association. Core competency training ensure that CHWs are fluent in CHW core competencies. For more information on core competency training in Arizona, and our efforts to provide guidance to organizations interested in providing core competency training and developing appropriate CHW training and job activities, as well as ongoing professional development opportunities visit the Azchow page here:

Ramses Sepulveda