A Food Oasis in the Desert

Photo of people outside in a marketplaceThe weekly Nogales Mercado not only sells locally grown healthy food, but also supports the local economy by hosting artisans, craftsmen and other producers of local products. The Mercado was recently featured in the UA newspaper; the Daily Wildcat: The Nogales Mercado is a collaboration of community partners to connect local food producers with Nogales shoppers. The goal is to provide a downtown location for residents to purchase locally-grown, healthy foods as well as create a socially- vibrant, healthy environment where all can learn, share and enjoy the community. Everyone, including WIC, FMNP and SNAP beneficiaries, are able to buy locally-grown fruits and vegetables. AzPRC community partner, Mariposa Community Health Center spearheaded the creation of the Mercado with Nogales Community Development to fund the Nogales Mercado.

Mary Contreras