MINDSET - Managing Epilepsy Well (MEW) Network

MINDSET: Management Information & Decision Support Epilepsy Tool

Self-Management Epilepsy Decision Support for Adult People with Epilepsy and Their Providers


Program Snapshot


  • Tablet-based decision aid for use in the clinic visit to assist people with epilepsy (PWE) and health care providers in assessing the patient’s epilepsy self-management (S-M) behavior for seizures, medications, and lifestyle.
  • Helps PWE select achievable S-M goals and strategies that match their needs and preferences.
  • Promote shared clinician-patient decision making, improve quality of medical decisions, and reduce costs.

Program Description

MINDSET is a tablet-based decision aid for use in an outpatient healthcare setting to assist both the patients and their health care providers (HCPs) in assessing the patient’s epilepsy self-management behaviors relating to seizures, medications, and lifestyle.

MINDSET has 3 stages:

1.)Data input – The participant completes this stage while in a clinic waiting area prior to an appointment.  They input into a tablet a wide array of information relating to their seizures, medications, and lifestyle behaviors. 

2.)Self Assessment – MINDSET then produces a profile for the participant to bring into their appointment to review with their healthcare provider. This profile 1)  flags low frequency self-management behaviors 2) prompts selection of up to three self-management goals for completion before the next clinic visit and 3) prompts selection of behavioral strategies and assessment of self-efficacy.

3.)Review and Discussion – The patient and the Healthcare Provider together review a printed Action Plan that includes the selected goals and strategies. If there are no flagged behaviors a text-based congratulatory message is provided.

Reasoning behind MINDSET:

  • Self-assessment by PWE increases their awareness of the breadth of S-M issues.
  • S-M goals selected by PWE match their needs and preferences.
  • Identifying practical strategies makes S-M easier for PWE to achieve.
  • Collaborative patient-provider decision-making can enhance epilepsy S-M.
  • Action plans reinforce the clinic discussion and provide ongoing
  • guidance beyond the clinic.

MINDSET is designed for use during a regular clinic visit to:

  • Increase awareness of PWE and their HCPs regarding self-management.
  • Identify S-M behaviors needing improvement
  • Enable PWE to select seizure, medication, and lifestyle self-management goals
  • Enable PWE to select behavioral strategies to accomplish their goals
  • Identify the self-efficacy of PWE to achieve their goals.
  • Focus the patient-provider communication on achievable behavioral goals during clinic visits.


English and Spanish speaking adults (18 years of age) with epilepsy, and their health care providers.