Sustaining the Community Health Worker Workforce in Arizona

Group of people at the College of Public HealthCommunity Health Workers and their champions and stakeholders made the case to the Arizona House of Representatives Health Committee about the importance of CHWs in health care at the state senate. Arizona Community Health Worker Association president, Flor Redondo, explained the role of community health workers in increasing access to and quality of health care for vulnerable populations to lawmakers. Susan Kunz, Chief of Program Development at Mariposa CHC (add link), described the positive impact of the CHW Workforce in three coalition-member community health centers.

Mariposa CHC, Adelante Health Care in Phoenix (link), and Banner University Medical Group in Tucson all use CHWs to provide personalized and intensive care to their patients. As members of the Arizona Alliance for Community Health Centers, these agencies voted in support of the statement:

Voluntary certification to standardize the competencies and scope of practice and establish professional recognition and career development for CHWs. A standardized CHW workforce will benefit the health care system by ensuring the positive health outcomes associated with CHW services.