AzPRC Statement of Solidarity

The AzPRC affirms the pain and suffering of our Black American community and stands in solidarity in condemning acts of violence by law enforcement against people of color. As a Center we are committed to addressing health disparities and we recognize that racism is the greatest public health threat in our nation. We stand and take a knee in solidarity with the community and recommit ourselves to:

  • increase our awareness of our complicity in white privilege and racism;
  • Engaging with our Community Action Board to identify resources and strategies to expand our Center’s research, programming, practices, and responses to violence and injustice in the criminal justice system;
  • Conducting research that is driven by community interests and priorities, that involves community members at all stages of the process and that is centered on community benefit rather than extracting information from community members;
  • Providing a platform for discourse about race, justice, structural violence, and its impact on the health of our communities;
  • As public health researchers, engage scholars, writers and voices from communities of color when identifying theories, approaches and knowledge sharing to address racial issues in our society
  • Teach and practice that racism is a social determinant of health; and
  • Be transparent about our positionalities in our work with the community.

We stand ready to listen, to learn, and to take action.

The Arizona Prevention Research Center Team