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Community-Clinic Linkages in Health Promotion (CCLHP): Community Health Workers (CHWs) as Agents in Chronic Disease Prevention over the Life Span 

The CCLHP Arizona Prevention Research Center (AzPRC) core research project aims to describe and evaluate the impact of CHW activities within primary care settings and to establish effective CHW-delivered community-clinical service linkages. Designed in collaboration with the AzPRC’s Community Advisory Board, this research project will be carried out in two interrelated phases. First, we will use qualitative methods and EMR data determine the effectiveness of CHWs in three primary care health centers in contributing to improved chronic disease and mental/emotional well-being. Results will be used to develop a Best Practice Guide for CHWs in the Primary Care Setting.   The AzPRC will then partner with the state-wide CHW network, two county health departments and two clinics to develop a CHW community-clinic linkage model. The intervention will be implemented as a public health department-delivered program within community settings and its effectiveness in reducing chronic disease and promoting mental health will be evaluated in the linked primary care clients. Outcomes will include a sustainable and scalable model that reduces obesity, associated chronic disease, and promotes mental/emotional well-being in underserved communities at the Arizona-Mexico border. CCLHP Partners include the El Rio, Mariposa and Sunset Community Health Centers, Pima and Yuma County Health Departments, and the Arizona Community Health Worker Network.