AzPRC Core Research

Community Health Workers linking clinics and county health departments to create healthy communities.


For 19 years, Arizona Prevention Research Center (AzPRC) has been engaged in academic community collaborative research to reduce chronic disease health disparities among the Latinx border communities in Arizona. Funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, our current research project is called Unidos: Linking Individuals’ to Social Determinant and Community Health Services.  This research will result in a model community-clinical linkage intervention to reduce chronic disease risk and promote sociocultural resilience among the Latinx population in Arizona. We expect this intervention model to be applicable in other regions and populations.


We will implement the Unidos intervention in partnership with county health departments and Federally Qualified Health Centers.   Our partners include: Yuma County Health District, Sunset Community Health Center, Pima County Health Department, El Rio Community Health Center, Mariposa Community Health Center, Maricopa County Health Department, and Valle del Sol Community Health Center.


In Unidos, the county/community-based CHWs will: 1) support and connect participants to health promotion resources; 2) provide individual and group-based support guided by a novel framework for understanding the health advantages found within the Latinx community, the sociocultural resiliency model; and, 3) leverage community resources to help individuals address social determinant of health-related needs.                                                                                                   


Participant Feedback:

“[LINKS] has helped me find the positive side of life and now I want to make progress, be more active.  I’m willing to do more things for myself like continue computer classes and maybe join an adult literacy program.” –LINKS Participant

“[LINKS has changed my life] because I have someone to motivate me.  When I first started the program, I was not doing any exercise at all.  A few months after I signed with the program, I felt motivated and started walking at the park and going to the gym a few days a week.  I lost 10 pounds.” –LINKS Participant


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